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Can Home Delivery of Medications Increase Adherence and Savings?

Can Home Delivery of Medications Increase Adherence and Savings?

The Coronavirus pandemic posed several challenges for the healthcare sector. One of these was the need to visit hospital pharmacies and drug stores to fill prescriptions without risking exposure to the virus. Fortunately, home delivery services rose to the occasion, allowing people to get their prescriptions filled without having to venture outside. These services enable people to share their prescription online, provide the necessary details via the phone, and receive medicine at home within a matter of hours.

That’s not all, though. It appears that home delivery of medicine goes beyond offering a convenient way to get your prescription filled from the comfort of your home.

As per a recent study, individuals using medicine delivery services such as the ones offered by Plus Virtual enjoy a series of unique benefits. They have better medication adherence. They are also less likely to end up in the emergency room and get hospitalized. In comparison, people who fill their prescriptions at a retail pharmacy are more prone to getting exposed to the virus and other illnesses. The benefits of signing up for home delivery of medicine ultimately translate into fewer healthcare costs and significant savings. Read on as we discuss these benefits in more detail.

Home Delivery of Medications by Plus Virtual

1-It Can Improve Adherence

Medication adherence essentially refers to how well a patient is able to comply with medical advice or drug prescriptions. It involves the following:

  • Getting your prescriptions filled
  • Taking your medication on time
  • Understanding the directions related to taking your medication

Typically, an adherent patient is one who can take their prescribed medication correctly 80% of the time. Anything lower than this and they would be considered non-adherent.

As it appears, getting your medicines delivered to your home can promote better adherence. Many medicine home delivery providers also have specially-trained pharmacists available who can guide patients on their prescriptions.

As per the study, people who availed of online medicine delivery were:

  • 26% more likely to fill out their diabetes prescription regularly
  • 39% more likely to fill out their hypertension prescription regularly
  • 36% more likely to fill out their blood cholesterol prescription regularly

The increase in medication adherence can lead to several long-term benefits. It can help patients improve their annual savings by spending less on preventable medical issues. They are also more likely to stay fit and healthy, which can translate into improved productivity. Patients do not need to worry about lost earnings on account of their health, as well.

Signing up for a custom medication management program that offers home delivery of medications every month also means that you are only paying for the medicines you use. You are also less likely to encounter expenses resulting from medication errors.

Saving on medications

2-Fewer Trips to the Hospital

Opting for home delivery of medicine translates into fewer incidents requiring a trip to the hospital. According to the study, here’s how this service can help patients:

  • 20% of patients with diabetes were less likely to make a trip to the emergency room. 18% were less likely to require inpatient hospitalizations.
  • 23% of patients with hypertension were less likely to make a trip to the emergency room. 17% were less likely to require inpatient hospitalizations.
  • 18% of patients with blood cholesterol were less likely to make a trip to the emergency room. 12% were less likely to require inpatient hospitalizations.

Once again, these benefits can translate into significant savings in healthcare costs and allow patients to improve their quality of life. They can also save money spent on trips to the hospital pharmacy or a drugstore.

3-It Reduces Medical Waste

When you get your prescriptions filled at a hospital pharmacy, you are more likely to buy more medicines than you need. This unused prescription drugs end up as medical waste, which has significant health, financial, and environmental consequences.

However, when you opt for medication delivery in the right amount and dosage, you can reduce the risk of unused medicine getting disposed into the water supply or ending up in landfills. This can be very helpful for the environment. It also reduces your healthcare costs.

It Reduces Medical Waste

4-It Can Improve Medication Accuracy and Efficiency

Medicine delivery services tend to make use of automated systems that make sure that your prescriptions are filled out correctly. As a result, they tend to offer greater accuracy than traditional drugstores.

As per one study, the error rate for drug stores was 1.72%. In comparison, the error rate or medicine delivery was only 0.075%. You can rely on these services to provide you with the correct medications in the right dosage. This can potentially reduce the risk of any adverse reactions and chances of hospitalizations.

It can also make the purchase process more efficient. A medicine delivery service can accommodate prescriptions in larger quantities. It can reduce the costs of filling out prescriptions. Finally, as already discussed above, it can generate potential savings.

It Can Improve Medication Accuracy and Efficiency

Wrapping It Up

The use of a medicine delivery service can encourage better adherence which can contribute to patient well-being. It can also help patients save money in healthcare costs as they need to make fewer trips to the hospital. Moreover, getting your medicine delivered at home encourages better accuracy in filling prescriptions which reduces medical waste. It also minimizes the chances of getting your prescriptions filled incorrectly, which could have an adverse impact on a patient’s health.

On the whole, this service can potentially improve a patient’s quality of life.

Plus Virtual offers autofill programs that allow you to get your prescriptions refilled on time. We also have brand blister packs with app integration that encourage better adherence. Moreover, we have a team of pharmacists on board that are available 24/7 to help patients out with their prescriptions. We ensure that our patients always have access to their medication, allowing them to achieve better health outcomes and reduce their plan spending.

Reach out to the team at Plus Virtual to learn more about how you can sign up for home delivery of medicine and unlock the benefits we offer. We hope to hear from you!