Welcome to PlusVirtual Single Unified ePharmacy Platform

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How PlusVirtual Works?

Switching is simple. Just try PlusVirtual once and you will never use anything else!

Send Us Your Prescription

New Prescription: Tell your doctor to fax or ePrescribe to PlusVirtual. Existing Prescription: Just let us know that you need to refill.

We Confirm Delivery

We will reach out to you via phone to confirm delivery address, insurance, and collect the prescription copy.

Medication is Delivered

A HIPAA certified PlusVirtual driver will deliver your medicine in under 5 hours or as requested for no additional charge.

Here’s Why Everyone Loves PlusVirtual

We offer a set of unique services that differentiate us in the field of ePharmacy. The most important of these services are provided below:

Automatic Refill

Automatic planned refills through free delivery and handling insurance issues.

Integrated Medical Adherence

Branded blister packs with app integration allow patients to stay on track.

Streamlined Workflow for Pharmacists

Payments and shipping are simplified by PlusVirtual.

Integrated Doctor Virtual Prescription

Partnership with telehealth providers for prescriptions.

Value-add Consultation with Pharmacists

Generics, safety, best practices, and care plans.

Integrated Nutraceutical Sales

Pharmacists offer nutraceuticals integrated into packs.

PlusVirtual Platform

Our integrated platform has made the relationship between a doctor, patient and pharmacy incredibly simple. You can all easily benefit from all the services by subscribing to PlusVirtual.


You can easily join our platform to be available to physicians and patients. As your sales increases, you can additionally benefit from PlusVirtual's outstanding services like telehealth: medication consultation with patients.

Pharmacy Registration

The retail pharmacy model is broken, inconvenient and inefficient for doctors and patients alike. PlusVirtual is changing that by using innovative services to provide a more simple and convenient pharmacy experience.

Doctor Registration

As a patient, you will experience exemplary service. You can simply send your prescriptions to PlusVirtual. Refill your medications without leaving your home. Get instructions from a pharmacist through online telehealth consultation. We schedule your medications so you never forget to take them.

Patient Registration

PlusVirtual Mobile Application

Our mobile app is available in both Android and Apple versions in the App Store and Google Play!. Select your option to download and install.

PlusVirtual Is Effortless and Free

You only need to use the PlusVirtual platform once to stay a user forever.

How do I get my medication

We offer free same-day hand delivery right to your door.

How much does it cost

PlusVirtual is free, just pay your copay.

Do you take my insurance

We work with all major insurance plans.

What about deductibles and copayment?

We’ll help deal with your insurance company.

Do you provide refills?

We will never let you run out.

Can all my doctors use it

You bet! Any doctor can e-prescribe to PlusVirtual.

I still have other medications at my old pharmacy.

We can transfer those over to PlusVirtual for you. Just ask.

I have more questions.

Feel free to ask any question you have through our contact page.

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