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August Update [1.24] Released!

August Update [1.24] Released!

Our development team released a [1.24] monthly update as was scheduled for August of 2021. This release adding prescription transfer to PlusVirtual Web Platform and it is one of the milestones in our Q3 (Iaso) technical roadmap for 2021.

What's new in [1.24] release?

  • Add support for transferring prescription
  • Extending features for existing modules
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements

Add support for transferring prescription

If the user of PlusVirtual Platform needs to transfer his/her prescriptions to another pharmacy, it can be done easily with the feature that we added in this release. Also the user can ask the current pharmacy to transfer all the prescriptions to the desired pharmacy.

What's next?

Our development team will start working on blockchain integration of the platform and it will be the main aspect of the development until the end of 2021. So stay tuned and follow our blog to get the latest news regarding our platform updates.