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Fariborz Khabbazian

PositionCMO and Co-founder

EducationMedical Doctor (MD)

Fariborz Khabbazian

Fariborz is a doctor with 30 years of experience in different cities. Education: He has a doctorate in medicine from Shiraz University. The reputation of this university is special and public.

Fariborz has also participated in several short international training courses related to complementary medicines, diabetes and allergic rhinitis.

During his years of activity, he found that after prescribing drugs, accessing the pharmacy and getting the prescribed drugs is one of the most important problems for patients. Patients who have different conditions such as old age, lack of physical ability due to illness, or lack of knowledge of the geographical location of the desired pharmacies, will have problems in getting medicine.

With a more comprehensive look , In order for patients to get rid of this problem, the use of existing technologies and the communication of different technologies will facilitate patients' access to prescribed drugs.

Providing multiple solutions to expand the culture of online drug discovery, in order to reduce transportation and transportation costs, and save time, is a pointer to the future, which Fariborz will advance in a coherent and focused program, with the help of PlusVirtual colleagues.

Fariborz uses his experiences in relation to patients, doctors and pharmacies to show the improvements of the programs offered by PlusVirtual in order to coordinate this collection and be a pioneer in creating more comfort for patients by using digital systems. Fariborz will advance them step by step with PlusVirtual in order to adapt the technology to the demands of patients and coordinate with the capabilities available in pharmacies.PlusVirtual shines like a star to provide the future with comfort and health for everyone.