Welcome to PlusVirtual Single Unified ePharmacy Platform

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Here are some frequently asked questions about our platform. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask us through the contact page.

How do I send a new prescription to PlusVirtual

Any doctor can send prescriptions to PlusVirtual. Ask your doctor to e-prescribe to PlusVirtual. Once it’s ready, we’ll send you a text to setup your payment and schedule your free delivery. You won’t have to lift a finger.

How do I transfer refills from my old pharmacy to PlusVirtual

Just provide us with some information about your medications and we’ll take care of the rest. We contact your old pharmacy, get your insurance information, and transfer your refills to our pharmacy. When it’s time for your next refill, we’ll text you to setup your payment and schedule your free delivery. You won’t have to do a thing!

How does PlusVirtual work

PlusVirtual gets your new prescriptions from your doctor or your refills from your old pharmacy. We fill your prescriptions and then text you to schedule your free delivery. We’ll coordinate refills with your doctor and copayments with your insurance company, forever and always. You will never worry about your medications again.

How much does PlusVirtual cost? Is delivery really free

Yes! Our delivery is free so you only pay your copay. PlusVirtual accepts all major insurance and your copay will not change. We will always let you know how much your prescription costs before you schedule your delivery.

Who will deliver my medication

All of our couriers undergo rigorous background checks and training, including the DOT Commercial Bicyclist Safety Course and HIPAA security training. To ensure your privacy, your medication will arrive in a discreet tamper sealed package. Only you and your pharmacist will know what’s inside.

Can I order for a family member

Yes. It’s easy to manage your family’s medication with PlusVirtual. Ask your doctor to send new prescriptions directly to PlusVirtual or transfer your family’s refills to PlusVirtual. We’ll text you to setup your payment and schedule your free delivery.

How do I refill my medication

PlusVirtual offers smart refills so you never have to worry about your medication. We coordinate with your doctor and insurance company to make sure you never run out of the medication you need or pay too much for a prescription. We will text you to schedule delivery when your refills are ready.

Is my information secure

Your information is always safe with us. We store all of your personal data in an encrypted HIPAA-compliant environment.

What if my prescription requires a prior authorization

We work with your doctor and insurance company to quickly and efficiently handle your prior authorization. We’ll keep you updated so you know exactly how long the process will take.

What if I have a special request

Feel free to ask your pharmacist. We offer medication syncing, medication counseling, delivery of temperature controlled medications, appointment reminders and more. We work with you to manage your medication.