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PlusVirtual Development Roadmap For 2021!

PlusVirtual Development Roadmap For 2021!

Today we are pleased to announce our development roadmap for 2021! The roadmap focuses on both adding new features to our products and increase plus virtual platform productivity.

As a part of our Q1 (Hygieia) milestone, we already published our patient mobile application. Also, another update will be released in the middle of this month as a scheduled update to a plus virtual platform.

Below is a complete development roadmap for 2021:

Q1 (Hygieia)

  • Patient Mobile Application
  • Dashboards
  • Refills

Q2 (Panacea)

  • Accounting
  • Doctors Registration
  • Pharmacies Registration

Q3 (Iaso)

  • Canceling Prescription
  • Transferring Prescription
  • Encrypting Prescription

Q4 (Aceso)

  • Blockchain Integration
  • Prescription Immutability
  • Blockchain Payments


One of our main focuses for this year is integrating PlusVirtual platform with blockchain technologies. Blockchain can provide prescription immutability which will increase the liability of the platform. Also, payments on the blockchain will provide our clients with more options and methods bringing more convenience to our application.