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How Online Pharmacist Counseling System Helps to
                                                        Improve Patients’ Therapeutic Outcomes?

How Online Pharmacist Counseling System Helps to Improve Patients’ Therapeutic Outcomes?

Local pharmacists have great potential to be the first contact for patients seeking treatment for minor illness. Pharmacists also have an increasing role in public health through the promotion of healthy lifestyles. Pharmacist and patient interactions in the community setting may also address diet, device use, exercise, referrals, or other non-medication issues.

Pharmacists’ responsibility is to optimize patient's medication therapy. In order to that, they have the potential to educate patients about the importance of continued therapy and adherence at home also to resolve any uncertainties that patients may have regarding their medications.

According to the Joint International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)/World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for good pharmacy practice, the mission of pharmacy practice is to “contribute to health improvement and to help patients with health problems to make the best use of their medicines”.

Patient's medication discharge online counseling provides an opportunity for pharmacists to improve patients’ therapeutic outcomes.

It is obvious that patients with lack of knowledge about their health condition and therapeutic regimen cannot follow the instruction of medication use. On the other hand, online counseling in minimizing the therapeutic cost and satisfaction of patient and medical team.

Pharmacists play a central role in ensuring medication safety and compliance across the continuum of care. The complexity of the medication prescribing and delivery processes can make it hard to prove the positive effect that pharmacists have on adverse outcomes directly.

This challenge aside, studies have shown that pharmacist involvement has the potential to:

  • Reduce errors
  • Improve prescribing practices
  • Enhance patient monitoring across different settings

It’s an issue to be taken very seriously. Medicine non-compliance not only creates problems for health professionals overseeing treatment, but also has the potential to cause death.

How Online Pharmacist Counseling System Helps to
                                                        Improve Patients’ Therapeutic Outcomes?

Effective online counselling

Allocating appropriate time for each patient is crucial to effective online counselling. Each and every patient should understand why they are taking a medicine and exactly how it should be taken.

An active online counselling role not only facilitates a clearer understanding of medicines but also plays an important role in emphasizing the necessity of medication adherence, which could have a positive life-long influence on the patient.

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