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February Update [1.18] Released!

February Update [1.18] Released!

Our development team released a [1.18] monthly update as was scheduled for February of 2021. This release adding dashboards support to PlusVirtual Web Platform and it is one of the milestones in our Q1 (Hygieia) technical roadmap for 2021.

What's new in [1.18] release?

  • Add support for administrator dashboard
  • Add support for pharmacist dashboard
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements

Add support for administrator dashboard

From now on, administrators will have the whole picture of what is going on in the platform from a statistics point of view. Administrator dashboard provides this information:

  • Total number of partner pharmacies
  • Total number of partner doctors
  • Total number of patients using the application
  • Total number of prescriptions uploaded in the application
PlusVirtual Administrators Dashboard

Add support for pharmacist dashboard

To provide the pharmacists with a better data feed, we also added a dashboard for the pharmacies. This dashboard contains statistics regarding all prescriptions from the status perspective including:

  • Total number of new received prescriptions
  • Total number of the prescriptions that must be refilled
  • Total number of the prescriptions that are ready to be delivered
  • Total number of the completed prescriptions
PlusVirtual Pharmacists Dashboard

What's next?

According to our roadmap which was published earlier this month, our development team will be working on Refills for the next release. So stay tuned and follow our blog to get the latest news regarding our platform updates.