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5 Reasons to Switch to Home Delivery from Online Pharmacies

5 Reasons to Switch to Home Delivery from Online Pharmacies

The internet has fundamentally changed how we shop online. We’re now spoilt for choice, have easier access to expedited services, and can find better prices. Technology has raised the bar for high-quality services and pharmaceuticals that improve patient outcomes by leaps and bounds.

There are now hundreds of online pharmacies that promise to deliver your medicines on time. So how does the experience hold up compared to buying medicine the old way?

Let’s take an in-depth look at the benefits of online pharmacy delivery in Canada.

1. Find All Medicines in One Place

In many cases, retail outlets don’t always have medicines in stock. Patients often have to place orders several weeks (and even several months) in advance to get all the required medicines conveniently. By comparison, online pharmacies usually make it easier to buy all the prescribed medication for everyone in your household without ever stepping foot outside your home.

Whether those medicines are for yourself, your partner, your children, your parents, or someone else, you can obtain them all online. All you really need is a prescription and your online pharmacy will take care of everything else for you. The days of waiting in long queues and worrying about the whole process are long gone.

2. Upload Your Prescriptions Online

You can send in your prescriptions to the online pharmacy through several channels, including email, fax, and even uploading directly to the website. The online pharmacy will save a copy of your prescription and may not ask for it every time you need to place another order. It will log your details along with information related to purchase history and medical conditions.

You will only be required to upload the original doctor’s prescription. Most online pharmacies, due to regulations and the law, require original copies and may not accept the prescription if it looks like a copy of a copy. So long as you have your prescription handy, you’ll find it incredibly convenient to find medicines online.

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3. Automatic Refilling of Prescription

Most large pharmacies and chain stores like PlusVirtual have automated menus that let you reorder a prescription online. It’s like plug and play, which means you’ll have to set things in motion for your first order and the process will take care of itself for subsequent orders. For the most part, your next batch of medicines will arrive without you having to lift a finger.

Alternatively, you can simply ‘reorder’ your last batch of medicines and the online pharmacy will take care of things. Since this is an online store with a record of your prescription, you may not be required to show your prescription every time you need a refill on your medications.

4. Home Deliveries are Convenient

You cannot match the convenience of a home delivery system. Even though most drugs are only dispatched after extensive cross-checking and screening of the authenticity of your original prescription, it’s still a whole lot more convenient than going out to get medicines. The home delivery option is particularly useful for the elderly population that often struggles with mobility issues or are incapacitated.

The option of home delivery means that you won’t have to waste time, energy, money, and fuel to go to the pharmacy during busy hours.

It is worth pointing out that some people often feel embarrassed buying certain healthcare products and medications. In this case, online pharmacies give you a layer of anonymity not afforded at conventional pharmacies.

In case you have questions about your medications, most online pharmacies will connect you with a licensed pharmacist from the privacy of your home. Internet pharmacies can also provide you with information that out can print, as well as links to other sources of information about your health condition and medications.

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5. Online Pharmacies Provide Cheaper Drugs at Discounted Rates

Most online pharmacies have to stay competitive in order to cast a wide net when it comes to acquiring customers. This often means that the price point is more affordable than those offered at retail pharmacies. Most of these online pharmacies have promos and discounts running year-round, where they provide lucrative propositions for people who require regular or daily medications. This is particularly useful for elderly patients who may have various medications and doses to manage.

Most online pharmacies also accept medical insurance plans. This makes it all the more convenient to obtain your medication at discounted prices and/or not having to pay a dime.

Caution! Be Careful Of Rogue Pharmacies

While it’s clear that online pharmacies offer clear advantages to individuals, there are a few things you should be cognizant of.

There are many online pharmacies that do not have a license and will gladly take your money to sell all kinds of fake remedies. It’s usually easy to identify these websites because they are more than happy to provide you with prescription drugs without seeing any actual papers from your doctor.

This is dangerous because it puts your health at risk. It’s also illegal and could get you in trouble with the authorities – there is a reason why patients need prescriptions for their medicine. Pharmacies that forego the regulatory process are risking your health for profit. At the end of the day, any money savings you make are simply not worth the risk.

These companies will happily sell your details to other advertisers, this means your phone and email will often get clogged up with spam.

Even if the medicine is real, it may be near its expiry date and could make you more sick. The truth is, there’s always caveats attached and there’s no such thing as a free ride!

You might not receive any medicine at all because there’s no stopping fake business from taking your money and running. They often don’t have a physical place and are usually untraceable, so you can’t even visit them to demand your money back.

The Bottom Line

With all of that said, the positives of ordering pharmacies online clearly outweigh any negatives offset by fake companies. Just make sure to do your research, ask around, read online reviews, and check in with your doctor to verify the legitimacy of an online pharmacy.

Reputable pharmacies are often affiliated with reputable organizations and get glowing reviews from major clients as well as physicians.

The bottom line is, online pharmacy delivery in Canada has a more important role to play in today’s market as patients become older, frailer, and develop more complex co-morbidities.