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7 Ways to Tell If an Online Pharmacy Is Safe to Use

7 Ways to Tell If an Online Pharmacy Is Safe to Use

Online pharmacies offer an easy way for patients to get their prescriptions filled and delivered to their doorstep. They are highly convenient and make life simpler for patients. However, with the number of online pharmacies out there, it is also important to make sure that you are ordering medicines from a reliable supplier.

As useful as they are, online pharmacies are also prone to fraud, and patients need to be careful to avoid falling prey to a scam. Pharmacies that operate illegally may also sell prescription drugs that are contaminated and poisonous. These medicines may not have been stored properly. The pharmacy may also supply the wrong medicine intended for a different health condition. You won’t just lose money. You might also suffer from serious health consequences that can leave a lasting impact and do more harm than good.

Fortunately, there are several ways to identify a safe online pharmacy. Read on to find how you can tell if an online pharmacy is operating legitimately.

7 Ways to Tell If an Online Pharmacy Is Safe to Use

1-The Pharmacy Should Be Registered

If you are looking for a safe online pharmacy in Canada, we recommend you start by looking up the pharmacy’s business address. It should be listed on their online website. You can check their home page or their contact us page. A registered pharmacy also offers other information, such as a pharmacy license number.

In the next step, you can visit the pharmacy regulatory authority for the territory or province where the online pharmacy has its business to ensure that the pharmacy is fully licensed to operate in the area. If you don’t happen to see the pharmacy listed on the authority’s website, it is best to steer clear and avoid using its services.

2-The Pharmacy Should Require you to Provide a Prescription

Most online pharmacies will require a prescription before they can provide you with the medicine you require. A pharmacy with no prescription requirements is likely running an illegal business. They might just be looking to make money by providing unauthentic products to vulnerable individuals.

So, if possible, we recommend only using pharmacies that have these requirements in place. It indicates they are properly regulated and provide prescription drugs that are safe to use.

3-The Pharmacy has Licensed Pharmacists Available

A major red flag for an online pharmacy is when they don’t have a licensed pharmacist available to answer your questions. These pharmacists are responsible for the following:

  • Ensuring the pharmacy is providing a safe service.
  • Monitoring the pharmacy’s operations for regulatory compliance.
  • Providing qualified advice to patients on their prescriptions and advising them on potential side effects and interactions with other medicines.

At PlusVirtual, we have licensed pharmacists on board who can provide you with value-added consultations that make it easier for you to get your prescriptions filled.

4-The Pharmacy Will Confirm Your ID and Other Details

A reliable pharmacy does its due diligence and confirms details such as a patient’s ID, their contact information, their address, and their insurance. They review which medications you have ordered and verify the prescription before confirming your order.

Pharmacies that skip these steps and simply provide you with the medicine you ordered are unlikely to be trustworthy.

5-The Pharmacy Offers Secure Payment Methods

One way to tell a safe online pharmacy apart from an illegal one is to see its security certificates. If the pharmacy’s website is not secure, then consider this another major red flag. The information you type into such websites can be read by everyone. This could be your address, your contact information, your credit card details, and more.

A secure website uses tools to safely encrypt this information. It turns the information into a code that cannot be read by other people. The website should also offer a secure payment gateway that allows you to carry out a transaction safely. Using websites that do not offer this option is unwise, and your credit card details could get stolen.

6-Compare the Pharmacy’s Prices

A major benefit of shopping from online pharmacies is that they tend to have lower prices. These businesses typically have lower overhead costs compared to a brick-and-mortar pharmacy. As a result, they can offer medicines at a lower price point.

However, it’s also important to be skeptical about the prices you come across. There is a limit to how low a pharmacy’s prices can go. If you find a pharmacy to be far too cheap, the chances are they are not running a legitimate business.

To avoid this, you can compare a pharmacy’s prices to its competitors and examine the difference. If there’s a minor difference between the price levels offered by both pharmacies, then you should be in the clear.

7-Check Online Reviews

If the above methods sound too complicated, you can always opt for something simpler such as reading online reviews for the pharmacy. Check and see what other people have to say about the pharmacy’s services. A reliable pharmacy will usually have plenty of positive reviews from other customers who used its services.

If other people had a positive experience getting their prescriptions filled at a particular pharmacy, then you can feel more confident about your order too.

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If you are looking for a reliable and safe online pharmacy, PlusVirtual can help. We prioritize your safety about all else and have the necessary processes in place to make sure you receive authentic medicines that are safe to use.

We also have pharmacists on board that can offer advice on your prescriptions. PlusVirtual also makes sure your personal data remains protected. We have strict policies and practices in place for managing your data safely and securely.

Besides this, PlusVirtual employs HIPAA-certified drivers for delivering your medication.

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